Mx Skincare by Marionne de Candia

“Marionne is beautiful, nurturing, intuitive. Strong and gentle at the same time.”

Elle Macpherson

“Marionne is the embodiment of grace and integrity. She has a genuine commitment to wellbeing and skin, and is devoted to ensuring her product is of the highest quality. Naturally radiant, ageing with grace.”

David Bromley, artist

“Marionne de Candia is a high priestess of the Australian spa industry. Her encyclopedic knowledge of ingredients and genuine love of people and their skin makes her the ultimate cosmetics artisan.”

Sigourney Cantelo beauty director, Vogue Australia

“Marionne is one of 5 Facialists worldwide listed in Net-a-Porter’s Little Black Beauty Book”



Experience. Performance. Results

Mx Facial Room
for your ultimate non-surgical facial care

“It’s about so much more than just the skin”
Marionne de Candia

Celebrity skin care expert Marionne de Candia has opened her first exclusive Mx Facial Room for her international clientele on the Australian Gold Coast in collaboration with leading specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Luke Stradwick. Famous for her ability to support her clientele to maintain beautiful complexions as they embrace each passing year, Marionne’s advice and treatments are legendary.


Marionne’s famous Mx Facial, customised to perfection for every client, utilises her renowned paramedical techniques, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and product knowledge. Instantly visible results are enhanced by the inclusion of the ultra-hydrating Mx Hyaluronic Mask, alongside the revolutionary HEALITE treatment. Marionne’s special touch and Reiki inclusion ensures you arise as fully relaxed and as rejuvenated as your skin.


Internationally acclaimed for its pre and post aesthetic surgery benefits reducing bruising, pain and swelling whilst speeding healing and enhancing optimum results, HEALITE is also a global go-to for unsurpassed non-invasive facial enhancement. Delivering precise light wavelengths HEALITE stimulates collagen production and plumps the skin, reducing fine lines, enhancing tone, texture and elasticity, and visibly improving sun damage. A HEALITE treatment is wonderful for that special occasion and long-term benefits are enhanced with every treatment.


Facial treatments by Marionne are addictive. Her passion for helping people to feel good about themselves flows through her skilled and soothing hands.
With over 30 years commitment to the prevention and reversal of premature ageing, sun exposure and environmental stressors on skin, Marionne is a trusted expert. Having studied the world’s best facial techniques, including under the famous lymphatic educator Dr Vodder, her ability to diagnose, treat, recommend products and lifestyle adjustments for your ultimate skin benefits are unsurpassed.

Mx Facial Room
Dr Luke Stradwick Rooms
Level 2, 103 Nerang Street, Southport QLD 4215
+61 7 5591 3365

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How many treatments will I need for best results?

For most people one to two approximately 20 minute sessions per week for four weeks, followed by monthly maintenance treatments work best.

Is it painful?

HEALITE is relaxing and pain free.

Can I have HEALITE at the same time as my facial?
HEALITE is used during the Mx Facial and can also be used on its own as a separate treatment. HEALITE on its own visibly enhances and improves your skin’s condition and health.

Is it safe?
HEALITE is so safe it is used to accelerate healing post-surgery. There is no radiation emitted, no damage caused and no photosensitivity.

Can I have HEALITE if I am pregnant?
HEALITE is safe to use during every trimester, but as it increases blood flow to the skin we advise against it during pregnancy as a precaution. It is safe for breastfeeding clients.