Ageing of the face is a combination of both skin ageing and sagging of structures beneath the skin. Both need to be corrected to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Facelift is an operation for restoring a more youthful appearance to the lower face and neck. In the lower face, the common signs of ageing are the development of jowls around the jawline and excess skin in the lower face. In the neck, the development of excess skin and sagginess of the underlying muscle layer leads to a loss of the youthful angle between jaw and neck. This is sometimes referred to as a turkey neck deformity. All of these changes can be effectively corrected with a facelift.

Dr Stradwick really believes in graceful ageing. Looking good for your age rather than trying to rewind the clock as far back as it will possibly go. A tight “wind tunnel” effect resulting from excess skin removal and a face full of injectables can look over done and unnatural. I still want people to look themselves. Just a more youthful version. If I can shave 10 years off their appearance without people knowing then I am satisfied.

The best candidates for Dr Stradwick’s technique for natural looking facelifts are those seeking an improvement in their facial appearance with a desire to age in a graceful way rather than those seeking a physical transformation.

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