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With the rapid advancements in medical technology average life expectancy is increasing. The outward signs of facial ageing are now occurring at a time when many people are still feeling youthful and vibrant. Dr Stradwick wants his patients to age gracefully, aiming for a natural result and wanting to avoid an over “operated” appearance.

Ageing of the forehead is associated with descent of the eyebrows and the development of forehead wrinkles. These wrinkles develop in both a transverse direction across the forehead and also vertically between the eyes (frown lines). A brow lift procedure is designed to restore a more youthful or fresh appearance by elevating the eyebrows and also reducing forehead wrinkles.

The use of botox can slow this process and is most effective before these wrinkles have become permanent. Established ageing of the forehead gives a heavy appearance to the brows and a tired or sad appearance of the eyes. Correction requires re-positioning of the brow to a more youthful position and re-balancing of the forehead muscles to smooth and soften forehead wrinkles. Sometimes excess skin in the upper lid needs to be removed as well to complete the rejuvenation around the eyes, which can be done with brow lift procedure.

Dr Stradwick can usually achieve this with short scar approaches to brow lift procedures rather than the traditional long incision used in an “open” brow lift.

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