PIP Breast Implants

Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Dr Stradwick would like to re-assure his patients that he only uses the highest quality breast implants for his patients. He keeps meticulous records so any patient can contact the clinic and find out exactly what breast implants they have – even if they made the decision not to participate in the breast implant register.

In Dr Stradwick’s opinion the current controversy regarding PIP breast implants is a salient reminder of the inherent risks of breast augmentation. All implants have a risk of rupture with an incidence of approximately 10% over a 10 year period. This is not just a problem confined to PIP breast implants. It does however highlight the vital importance of an ongoing relationship with your plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeon Dr Stradwick has written articles critical of “cosmetic tourism” and the the current PIP problem is yet another reason why the decision to have breast augmentation “on the cheap” is risky. Who knows what kind of breast implants these overseas clinics are using?

Posted: January 12th, 2012

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Botched Plastic Surgery Operations

The fallout of “Cosmetic Holidays”

As the head of the plastic surgery unit at the Gold Coast hospital, plastic surgeopn Dr Stradwick is increasingly seeing the fallout from “cosmetic holidays”. He has a number of patients waiting on the public hospital waiting list for corrective procedures after “botched plastic surgery”.

The overwhelming majority of problems following any cosmetic surgery but particularly breast augmentation occur in the weeks after plastic surgery. The only real problem that happens in the first few days is bleeding – and this is relatively simple to correct. The other complications are usually much more difficult. Ensuring your surgeon is an Australian trained Plastic Surgeon is your first defence against problems. Australia has some of the toughest training and examination programs in the world. Anyone who makes it through a plastic surgery training program in Australia has to have achieved a certain standard. Other parts of the world are just not like that. Putting your trust in the hands of someone with an uncertain level of training is a risk. (more…)

Posted: October 20th, 2010

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For Fracs Sake, Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery, Make Sure Your Surgeon is Qualified

Plastic surgery takes origin from the Greek word plastikos – meaning to shape or mould. Plastic surgeons dedicate themselves to the restoration of shape and form. Such loss of form may be a result of birth defects, removal of cancers or accidents. They train for years to do this. By necessity plastic surgeons have a finely honed appreciation of shape and form, combining science with artistry on a daily basis. This places them in a unique position to perform cosmetic or aesthetic procedures that, in essence, are an enhancement of features that already exist.

A perfect example is breast reconstruction. The ability to create a beautiful breast from literally nothing allows a plastic surgeon to use those same skills to improve an existing breast. Similarly, being trained to rebuild a face transfers naturally to rhinoplasty. The same knowledge, skills and appreciation of form are required if you are building a feature or enhancing it. It is therefore of critical importance when considering any type of surgery to ensure your plastic surgeon is appropriately qualified. An analogy I like to use is air travel. We all expect the person flying the plane is a trained pilot. After all, they are responsible for getting the passengers and the plane to the destination safely. How would it feel if we discovered the person at the pointy end was actually a bus driver having a bit of a go? The same applies for cosmetic surgery. You need to make sure that your plastic surgeon is qualified – not a ‘cowboy’. (more…)

Posted: October 26th, 2009

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