Breast Reduction

Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Luke Stradwick has more than 10 years of experience of plastic surgery on breasts. He performs his plastic surgery procedures in a standardised way in an accredited hospital on the Gold Coast.

Women seeking breast reduction are often more concerned with improving the symptoms associated with having large breasts rather than the aesthetic appearance of the plastic surgery.

Disproportionately large breasts can result in neck and/or back discomfort and contribute to a stooped posture and shoulder grooving. There can also be skin irritation in the fold beneath the breasts. Breast reduction surgery is very effective in reducing or often eliminating these symptoms as well as improving the aesthetic appearance of the breasts.

While Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Stradwick always aims to remove enough breast tissue to achieve the required improvement in symptoms he also strives to preserve and in most cases improve the aesthetic appearance of the breasts.

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In keeping with preserving or improving the appearance of the breasts Gold Coast plastic surgeon, Dr Stradwick almost exclusively uses a vertical breast reduction technique.

This technique leaves a “lollypop” scar as opposed to the traditional “anchor or T-shaped” scar that was the hallmark of the older techniques of breast reduction.

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Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Stadwick is also very meticulous in the way he sutures the skin with long lasting dissolving sutures to achieve the best possible scar.

Unlike many plastic surgeons, Dr Stradwick does not use assistants to do any of the stitching at all because he believes that every stitch counts toward the final scar.

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