3D Simulation

Gold Coast plastic surgeon Dr Luke Stradwick has more than 10 years of experience of plastic surgery on breasts. He performs his plastic surgery procedures in a standardised way in an accredited hospital on the Gold Coast.

Gone are the days of handfuls of rice in a bra and looking at photos to determine breast implant size. Our 3D Breast Augmentation Simulation generates a very accurate prediction on how you will look after plastic surgery.

Vectra, the 3D breast augmentation simulation software gives us the capacity to generate a very accurate prediction on how you will look after your plastic surgery procedure. Picking a breast implant size has been simplified with the use of this technology.

There is simply no better tool for talking size than looking at a picture of yourself with different size breast implants in place. 3D Breast augmentation simulation is a brilliant and invaluable piece of equipment.

Although I always determine the base dimensions of an implant based on my own assessment of the chest, Vectra, the 3D breast augmentation simulation, has enabled me to “speak the same language” with my patients. The terms “natural” or “big” or “DD” mean different things to different people.

Dr Luke Stradwick – plastic surgeon Gold Coast

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