Patient Journeys

Each patient is different and no journey is the same. Below we follow the recent journeys of Dr Luke Stradwick’s patients undergoing breast augmentation. These patients have each had different reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery and different desires for their final outcome.

If you’re considering undergoing breast augmentation follow these experiences for a real sense of what to expect on your own journey. Should you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.


Post Breastfeeding Boost

After breast feeding our patient felt her breasts were deflated and had a significant amount of stretch marks. Our patient wanted a natural breast augmentation to restore her shape and feel in proportion to her body.

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Cosmetic Holiday Repair

In this case our patient was in need of a repair to a previous breast augmentation performed in Thailand. As visible in the before pictures, the implants were sitting too low on her chest and she was unsatisfied with the final look.

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Unique Procedure

This patient had been considering breast augmentation for over 5 years when she approached Dr. Luke Stradwick and his team. The patient wanted a natural look that she felt was in proportion to her size and suitable for her age.

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