Botched Plastic Surgery Operations

The fallout of “Cosmetic Holidays”

As the head of the plastic surgery unit at the Gold Coast hospital, plastic surgeopn Dr Stradwick is increasingly seeing the fallout from “cosmetic holidays”. He has a number of patients waiting on the public hospital waiting list for corrective procedures after “botched plastic surgery”.

The overwhelming majority of problems following any cosmetic surgery but particularly breast augmentation occur in the weeks after plastic surgery. The only real problem that happens in the first few days is bleeding – and this is relatively simple to correct. The other complications are usually much more difficult. Ensuring your surgeon is an Australian trained Plastic Surgeon is your first defence against problems. Australia has some of the toughest training and examination programs in the world. Anyone who makes it through a plastic surgery training program in Australia has to have achieved a certain standard. Other parts of the world are just not like that. Putting your trust in the hands of someone with an uncertain level of training is a risk.

The other major issue is follow up. Who is going to look after you when you get home? The relationship between a surgeon and their patient continues indefinitely. Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Dr Stradwick’s own patients know that if any problems arise – even years down the track – he is there to help. Importantly such revisional work carries no or minimal additional costs for the patient.

However patients who have a plastic surgery procedure overseas have no choice but to find a local surgeon when problems occur. They are often alarmed at the costs of correcting “botched plastic surgery” from a cosmetic holiday. Some end up on the public hospital waiting list because they only saved enough money for one operation.

These people are surprised when they discover that the cost of having the original plastic surgery procedure performed locally was about the same as overseas…

Posted: October 20th, 2010

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