Tummy Tuck

Dr Stradwick believes that there is much more to a tummy tuck than just removing some excess skin and fat. In most cases Dr Stradwick will also tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall, a vital step in achieving a pleasing contour.

The importance of accurate repair of the tummy wall muscles cannot be overstated. This not only improves the contour of the abdomen but helps restores support for the back. Dr Stradwick has found with his spinal surgery colleagues that a combined approach is needed in tummy tuck surgery to alleviate back pain in those patients with a weak abdominal wall.

Dr Stradwick also uses liposuction in most cases to help shape the abdomen and flanks. He also will design the abdominoplasty differently depending on the individual problem. Sometimes more lifting is required in the flank and hip area and this requires a different technique from the “standard” abdominoplasty.

One technique does not fit all. Please contact Dr Stradwick to discuss your individual requirements for your tummy tuck surgery.

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A very important aspect of the tummy tuck procedure is the final location and quality of the scar. The scar in abdominoplasty is long and its correct placement is vital to ensure it is concealed as much as possible. Attention to detail when it comes to suturing the wound is the most important variable affecting the scar quality.

Other surgeons often use an assistant to speed up this process. Dr Stradwick however sutures all the wounds himself. Although this takes longer he feels that it would be inappropriate to do otherwise for his patients.
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It is critically important to understand the blood supply of the abdominal skin and how this changes when scars are present from previous procedures.

A lack of such understanding can be dangerous in this type of surgery and you should always ensure your surgeon is appropriately qualified to perform this type of procedure.
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