We can’t all be born with the perfect body. Even if we are lucky to be genetically blessed, as we age our body shape changes. Periods of weight gain or loss also affect this process. Much can be safely done to give us the appearance we’ve always wanted or restore the body shape we had.

When used correctly liposuction is a very powerful tool for changing body contour. The best candidates for liposuction are those with well-defined deposits of fat and good to excellent skin quality. It should be emphasised that it is not a weight loss technique – it is a shaping or sculpting tool.

Skin quality is critical to decision making in liposuction as it is the reaction of the skin is what determines the quality of the result. In patients with excellent skin quality Dr Stradwick will perform superficial liposuction, a technique that produces significant tightening of the skin in addition to elimination of the fat deposit. For patients with less than ideal skin quality deeper liposuction is appropriate. This decision making process requires experience.

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