It is not uncommon for a woman to feel unhappy with the inner lips of her vagina (labia minora) especially if they are asymmetrical or particularly long.

Labia minora that protrude can have adverse effects on self-confidence and personal relationships. They can also cause physical discomfort when wearing bathing suits, snug shorts, or exercising due to excessive rubbing. In such instances, labia reduction treatment, labiaplasty, may be beneficial. It involves re-sculpting the labia minora to a size that the patient finds more satisfactory.

Labiaplasty performed by Dr Stradwick removes the excess labia tissue and leaves imperceptible scars giving a very natural result. It is very effective at eliminating the physical discomfort usually associated with this condition.

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Dr Stradwick recognises that enlarged or protruding labia (inner lips of the vagina) can be very distressing for his patients. Not only can this condition result in physical discomfort during normal activities, it is frequently associated with significant sexual dysfunction.

Although sex can be uncomfortable, more often embarrassment leads to the avoidance of sexual activity. This can have a profound effect on interpersonal relationships particularly with partners or potential partners.

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Occasionally the labia can be large enough to hide the clitoris – known as clitoral hooding. Women with significant hooding of the clitoris typically report a lack of sexual enjoyment generally.

An extended labiaplasty in these cases can expose the clitoris and result in an improvement in sexual enjoyment. Excess labia can also cause physical discomfort when wearing bathing suits, snug shorts particularly when exercising.

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