Dr Luke Stradwick takes a bespoke approach to breast surgery. With a meticulous eye for detail, every stitch is perfected, every implant is tailored, and every result is in proportion with the body of the patient.

For some women, breast shape or size can change after weight gain or loss, after pregnancy, disease or trauma. A well-performed breast augmentation procedure can provide or restore balance to the overall body shape. Breast augmentation is often mistakenly viewed as a simple procedure. In fact, it is just the opposite. To consistently achieve excellent results requires an eye for detail and years of experience in breast augmentation surgery.

Creating beautiful breasts requires an appreciation of body proportions and a keen eye for detail. Gone are the days of using the same type and sized breast implant for every patient. We are in the era of breast shaping, and this requires a higher level of skill, dedication and experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

No two breasts are the same, even sometimes in the same individual.

Because of this, Dr Stradwick uses a bio-dimensional approach to select breast implants that are appropriate for the patient’s shape and body frame. This creates a natural look with breast implants that appear in proportion to the body.

The breast implant type and technique recommended by Dr Stradwick will vary depending on your existing breasts, general body shape, lifestyle and many other factors.