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My defining characteristic is perfectionism. I have an innate drive to perform at the highest level in everything I do.  I graduated with honours in my medical degree. I was also awarded the University prize in surgery.  When I am surfing or snowboarding I am always seeking to make the perfect turn.  When in surgery, I continually strive for the finest possible scars. The best possible outcome. Every time.

Plastic surgery isn’t just a vocation for me, it is a lifetime commitment. To be a great surgeon you need to be 100% focussed for the whole operation. From the first incision to the final stitch. This focus requires a level of mental and physical discipline that can only be sustained by a lifestyle dedicated to your craft. What I do outside of theatre is but a preparation for my next operating session. Enhancing the mind through study. Honing the body through a variety of sports and physical disciplines. Eating the right foods. Getting the right amount of sleep. Everything revolves around the drive to perform my next operation at my absolute peak. Continually striving to be the best I can be, so you in turn can receive the best possible care. That’s my commitment to life – and my commitment to you.


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