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  • Samantha J Cook

    Dr luke stradwick & cosmetic Consultant Lisa are both incredibly experienced and knowledgable in the plastic surgery field...

  • Angie Raven

    Fabulous Dr. Great experience, wonderful staff. Knows his stuff, would recommend to anyone. ThankYou Stradwick!

  • Sarah Hobson

    Luke and Lisa are fantastic. Together as a team you are educated on all aspects of your surgery and the benefits and risks associated with each of the options you may consider...


Latest News

  • Malignant Melanoma Removal

    This case is a malignant melanoma removal in front of woman’s ear. The initial mark was a Congenital Naevus i.e. “birthmark”. It is rare for these birthmarks to become malignant – but it does happen. The woman was told by several doctors that it posed no problem, even though it had changed, because it was […]
  • Significant Breast Asymmetry Corrected

    Significant breast asymmetry was corrected with a staged approach with repositioning of the left breast and nipple followed by bilateral breast augmentation.
  • Lip Reconstruction

    Defects in the lower lip involving more than 50% of the lip need something more complex than a few sutures. In this lip reconstruction case I have “borrowed” tissue (a flap) from the upper lip to repair the large lower lip defect following tumour excision. The bridge carrying the blood supply for the flap is […]
  • PIP Breast Implants

    Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon Dr Stradwick would like to re-assure his patients that he only uses the highest quality breast implants for his patients. He keeps meticulous records so any patient can contact the clinic and find out exactly what breast implants they have – even if they made the decision not to participate in […]
  • Botched Plastic Surgery Operations

    The fallout of “Cosmetic Holidays” As the head of the plastic surgery unit at the Gold Coast hospital, plastic surgeopn Dr Stradwick is increasingly seeing the fallout from “cosmetic holidays”. He has a number of patients waiting on the public hospital waiting list for corrective procedures after “botched plastic surgery”. The overwhelming majority of problems […]